Your Observations, Thoughts and Feelings

Please leave a reply on this thread to share your stories about Farrah and perhaps something shared with you that might help us all understand the nature of what was going on with her during this very troubled period of her life.


  • Sara Varley

    I worked with Farrah for a time, and she was an enchanting person. She put others before herself, and always made time to offer a kind word or a smile to people who needed it. She was smart, talented, and funny in such an uplifting and sweet way. Her shy laugh and the way her eyes would brighten when she talked about the things that she loved always made me sure that she could find a way out of the darkness. Farrah will be missed greatly, and I am thankful that I was able to absorb some of her beauty and light.

  • Stephanie Tuttle

    I worked with Farrah and I have the fondest memories of sitting with her and just drawing. She’d draw something incredible and I’d marvel at her artwork. She was so talented in so many ways and had so many creative outlets. I was impressed by her ability to look after others around her, even sometimes more than herself. She was a beautiful, incredible young lady and I wish peace upon her and her family. I know she’s watching over all of you.

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