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We miss Farrah so much and are saddened by her passing. On this website we want to bring the Farrah-community together for good and positive actions. A way to express our love for her but also to help each other cope with this loss, and a way to help others who might be struggling with similar demons.

This site was created as an idea from Farrah’s Dad Steven, who wanted a place for all to share and come together. He wanted to share Farrah’s music as well as a place to share memories. Anyone with information on what was happening to Farrah during this troubled period in her life is encouraged to share your story. On the “Words” section there is a place for you to add in your observations, thoughts and feelings.

There is also a section for those who wish to support causes important to Farrah and her Family.



From Sean

A few words from Sean

My uncle Steve never gave up on his daughter Farrah, my cousin, even during the toughest of times she led him through Steven never gave up on her and always went above and beyond for his daughter. Farrah had a heart of love and loved everyone.  Her love for herself was blocked by the pressures of being a teenager in today’s world, she wanted to change her ways but the peer pressure and self doubt brought on by the drugs blocked her love for herself but her love for others never faded.  Farrah had so many gifts Art, Music, Writing and singing but her lack of confidence in herself forced her to hide her talents but her story and struggles will impact thousands of kids that are facing her same demons right now.  I truly believe Farrah’s story is going to help so many teenagers across the nation showing them that it’s not to late to change their direction, seek help to get them out of the emotional destruction zone they are currently in.  Mental health is a serious sickness that is destroying the youth and we need to do more, we need to listen and we need to acknowledge it.  Farrah was not alone, teenagers all over the world are going through the same pain that she was facing  but it’s not to late for them and Farrah’s story is going to prevent teens from going down the wrong path all over the world.
Here is a news story about the incident and the beautiful heart Steven Rauch has.Father invites officers to funeral

one love,
-Sean Bolis

Celebration of Life for Farrah Rose Rauch

Christ Lutheran Church, Blair NE – March 10, 2021

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