• Observations, Thoughts and Feelings

    Please leave a reply on this thread to share your stories about Farrah and perhaps something shared with you that might help us all understand the nature of what was going on with her during this very troubled period of her life.

  • “From Farrah” A poem by Douglas P Rauch, Jr.

    FROM FARRAH – A poem by Farrah’s Uncle Douglas P Rauch, Jr. Most of you don’t know me. The rest of you didn’t know me. I hid from you And I hid from myself Captured, frightened and held By the world of anti-life; Hidden sky, Clear found door To gloom Muddles life’s vision In darkest shadow Under a sun Blotted By a deep inchor A cloud that baths me In the cold and warmth Of its own hues, Worn like a stain, Refreshing as a draught of mirage water, Shallow quarter for a mind, A resisting place of momentary being- I move differently Through this inside world Inhospitable to life.…

  • Farrah Rose Rauch – Obituary

    Farrah Rose Rauch, also known as FAEVEN, died at age 17 on Feb. 28. Farrah had a huge heart for people. Her mother was Heather Sue Rauch (Hausmann-Heaton) and her father was Steven Rauch. Survived are her siblings; Jett Steven Rauch and Ty Daniel Rauch. Grandparents were Rosalie Rauch, Douglas Peter Rauch, Renee Hausmann (husband Gary) and Jeff Baker. Farrah has many aunts, uncles, cousins and great cousins in four territories of the United States: west coast, midwest, east coast and Florida. Viewing of her beautiful well-known face and “Celebrating Farrah’s Life” will be on March 10 at the Old Dana College Campus Clock Tower Building housed now by the…